September 26, 2023

Blackjack – How To Beat The Dealer

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Blackjack has been a popular casino card game for centuries.

It is thought to have first appeared in the US as far back as the start of the 1800s, and even today, remains a firm favourite among fans of games of strategy.

Instead of relying on pure luck, Blackjack is a game of wit and skill. By sticking to just a few basic principles, players can increase the odds in their favour.

Read on to discover how to consistently beat the dealer in this incredible game of strategy and dexterity.

Start With The Basics

Blackjack is straightforward, which makes it an easy game to learn to play at an online casino South Africa has to offer.

The basic principle is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over.

Other basic principles of the game include:

  • Doubling down: when doubling down, your bet must be doubled and you’ll only be able to hit for one more card.
  • When appropriate, a pair of any two cards can be split. These cards can then be played as two separate hands.
  • Some casinos will allow you to “surrender” your hand when you’re down on your luck. By surrendering, you get to hold onto half of your wager.

It is important to memorise the basic terminology of the game before starting out. This will help you achieve greater success earlier on.

Be Aware Of The House

It is important to understand that the dealer starts out with an advantage over the players at the table. This is because players must act without knowing the value of the card in the hole (the “hidden” card).

Once you understand what this means, it will become clear to you why it’s important to react not only to the value of your own cards, but also to the dealer’s visible card and to the values of the cards held by the other players around the table. This will help you to make a more accurate prediction about what’s coming next at any given time.

There’s A Strategy Waiting

The great thing about Blackjack is that there’s already an effective strategy in place: basic Blackjack strategy.

By studying basic Blackjack strategy you’ll be in a position to answer some crucial questions, including:

  • With a 16 in hand, do I hit when the dealer happens to have a ten?
  • Is it a good idea to split a pair of eights?
  • What do I do with a pair of Aces?
  • How about splitting a pair of tens?

If at first you don’t remember exactly how to act in a certain situation, don’t become discouraged. The more you study and apply your knowledge, the more you’ll remember and be able to make the right decisions at the table.

Get Familiar With The Rules

Every game has rules, and to win, you’ll need to study those rules.

When playing Blackjack at the casino, always remember to determine exactly which rules apply at the table you’re playing.

Most tables will require the dealer to stop at 17, but some may allow for a hit on a soft 17 (when the 17 is reached with the help of an ace card).

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