April 1, 2023

Familiarize Yourself with Major Lottery Games Played in Spain

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It is true that the United States-based lottery games are the largest and highest prize giving games in the 21st century. However, the lottery games in the United States are not as old as other countries, especially compared to European lottery games. If I talk about old lottery games, then I will go ahead and talk about Spain that has been offering really old games for centuries. First of all, I will talk about some of the most prominent lottery games from Spain. Then I will tell you how you can play these games even if you are not in Spain or in Europe.

La Primitiva

When it comes to playing lottery games in Spain, La Primitiva is one of the oldest and longest-running games in the country. It is a not a private lottery game but an official game in Spain. The game is still operating in Spain because of its popularity and huge number of participants. The game had been introduced back in the 18th Century. When introduced for the first time, the La Primitiva was prominently known as “Royal Lottery”. The game had been launched to generate funds for hospitals for the patients that needed help and support.

La Primitiva has claimed that it allocates 55% of the total sales generated for the particular draw towards the particular lottery prizes. The game is known to be a 6/49, which means that you have to choose 6 primary numbers from the series of numbers starting from 1 and going all the way up to 49. Apart from the primary numbers, you also get to choose Refund number. The Refund number helps you win bonus prizes as well as gets you a full refund on your ticket based on the outcome of the draw. The minimum jackpot prize that you can win playing La Primitiva is €5 million, while the record jackpot prize given away was worth €101.7 million.

Spain El Gordo

Spain El Gordo is another major lottery game being played in Spain. The game was launched back in 1993, but it has gained a lot of fame and following in almost 3 decades. The game was released to follow the same format as La Primitiva, but offer really high prizes for the participants. Even the odds of winning are less than that of La Primitiva. This means that the players have high chances of winning jackpot prizes playing the game. Initially, Spain El Gordo had been launched to work as a “once-a-month” lottery draw. However, the popularity and high demand for the game resulted in Spain El Gordo becoming a weekly play.

When playing Spain El Gordo, you are required to choose 5 main numbers as well as a Numero Clave. You can choose the 5 main numbers from a range of 1 to 54 numbers. On the other hand, the Numero Clave has to be selected out of range of numbers starting from 0 to 9. You are required to have a Numero Clave in order to win the jackpot prize for Spain El Gordo. Even if you match the Numero Clave from the draw and no other number, you get a refund for your ticket. The recorded jackpot prize given out to a player playing Spain El Gordo was worth €33.02 million, which was claimed back in 2011.

Yes, You Can Play These Games Online

After knowing about the games, if you wish to play them without having to leave your couch or house, then let the online lottery agents help you with that. These online lottery agents have earned their reputation for offering you games not only from Europe but other parts of the world as well. Whether it is UK 49, Spain La Primitiva, EuroMillions, or any other game, you can play them through online lottery agents. You can even play US Powerball online in South Africa or different countries in any continent.

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